Where will Africa and Africans be when Christ come, looking at human sociological development, science and technology?

Shall Africans keep going to the whiteman’s land in search for greener pastures?
Shall Africans keep looking at the whiteman as a superior being, basically because of technological achievements, till Christ come?
Post-colonialism is real and felt. Shall it be so till Christ come again?
When shall there be in Africa all that African sons and daughters go to foreign lands to search for?
When shall the world come to Africa in search of greener pastures?
Real leaders go out, conquer other lands and bring the loots and riches back to their land, to their people. African leaders raid their people, take away their riches and take it to other nations, helping their development. They do this right before the eyes of the people, and the people say and do nothing. It is a picture of their role medel. Africans worship and carry their leaders like they are gods.
Blacks are subjected to ill-treatments, and killings by other nations of the world, even by fellow black nations,and nobody fights their course. Who will? African leaders treat their people like garbage, kill them like chickens.

“if you fight your brother in public, and despise your brother publicly, you show the public you don’t value yourselves and that is how the public will treat you and your brother”


Look at the situation of Nigerians being maltreated and killed at any slight provocation far and wide, by foreign nations and fellow black nations. Take a look at the Nigerian nation:it is same thing the govt is doing to her citizens.

I can tell you the cause of this:the blackman has lost the control of his mind to the whiteman.

“Aha ikporo nkita gi ka oga-aza(the name you call your dog, that is what it answers)”.

Igbo proverb.

Through civilization, religion, education, the blackman has been taught and is being taught that “black is the color of the devil, and white is the color of God”. He accepted this logic hook, line and sinker, and accepted it to his detriment.
He, after accepting,started to see himself and anyother with a blackskin as personifications of the devil, and the whiteman as a personification of God, Why won’t the whiteman be so, look at his land. Look, how beautiful his land is. Black seeing himself as a devil personification pitches him against himself and his brother. He suspects his fellow black of having evil intentions. Therefore, stands against his brother and deepens rivalry, ethnically and otherwise. Another style of divide and rule set in place.

“oji onye n’ala ji onwe ya”
(whoever holds a person down, holds him/herself down as well).

Igbo proverb

As a black is fighting against his fellow black, never wanting to see his fellow black develop, he himself will not develop…
Nigeria has refused to witness the development of Biafra, Igboland and has forever been underdeveloped and getting worse. Other black nations that fought against Biafra and still in the business of lynching Igbo, look at them, they are still where they are, and are getting worse. These nations put together make up Africa, they are all underdeveloped, so underdevelopment and poverty becomes the picture of Africa.
Africans that succeed in diaspora fear coming back home. why? They fear getting killed mysteriously by their blood ties.
Mind control at work.

I refuse that Africa shall be like I see it today till Christ come again.


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