this is for you if you are a beginner, and working on a (new) project, esp. website development and blogging…

If you know what you’re talking about, you have something more valuable than gold or jewels.

Proverbs 20:15

As a beginner in the blogosphere or the web-world, most things you’ll encounter frustrate.

If the frustration do not arise from:

  • finding a good and original content:one that will get visitors, users, searchers/researchers… glued till they finish the content, it will come from
  • finding an original and catchy title for your content, or
  • customizing the look of your blog/website, or
  • what in particular to do with your blog/website (i.e what services you’ll render through/with your site, what problems will you solve with your website)…

The list goes on and on as there are other things that can bring confusion in people, different from what i listed above.

The important thing is starting. Its a major step in achieving your dreams/plans. Nowadays, there’re many materials online available, on virtually any thing you can think of and more of the unwritten being written, for you to grab the knowledge you looking for. These materials never got there by chance, they were put there by someone somewhere with the knowledge.

My simple tactics against these confusions is: attack from angles.
I’ll tell you how:

  • about finding a content:
    if materials online were put there by someone who knows, then whats the confusion about. if you are looking for a content for your blog, start with the things you know.
    you need to ask yourself, what are the things you know. Whatever you think you know, put it down. if you know how to write and you’re the one filling the content, you should see contents structure coming up from the list of things you know that you put down. if you are paying someone to write contents for you, you can skip this step.

finding a catchy title for your content:
In my case, i try as many titles as possible. A title should be an embodiment of the content. It’s just like a person’s character/behaviour/actions-and-reactions to issues which is louder than a person’s name

If you are lazy, you will never get what you’re after, but if you work hard, you will get a FORTUNE.

Proverbs 12:27

Customizing your website:
When I started my website, I had any idea of what my website will be in my heart, but my idea was blurry and still is.I wanted to design my homepage, but got a little bit confused. why? because I still don’t have the idea of what services to render with the sight. I did some little customizations, what i got wasn’t what i wanted, I guessed it would be good if I blog first, then as I’m blogging, I’m brainstorming on the purpose of my website and how the design should be, instead of leaving my site to be there offering nothing, doing/blogging nothing.
Customizing your website would come in a later post to help newbies like me.

What to do with your site?
This is easier when the owner of a website is already employed, or into something that he does, like business, or some sort of self_employment. But if you are like me, a homeboy with no job at hand, not into any biz or skilled in some handiwork, it is a CHALLENGE.
First of all, when you want to offer something with your site, offer something that you know.
From here, as you deal with the things you know, you will get more to do, and include them in your services.
Start from anywhere.
Attack from angles!

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