who knows…

that night i lay on my bed to sleep as is the usual ritual for mankind. Laid on my bed, I prayed, then closed my eyes to allow sleep. i never knew when I slept off. As i slept, I dreamt. In my dream, I was in our backyard kitchen. I lifted my head up and looked to the sky, lo and behold a window opened in the sky, and two able-bodied men were thrown down from there to the earth. Immediately their feet touched the earth, industry pipes started springing up from the ground. I saw people running shielding their heads with their hands, they ran like people running away from danger, destruction to safety. what they were running from i did not see. I woke up, weary as i thought about my dream.

The next night, as usual also, i turned in for the night. on mybed sleeping, i had another dream. in my dream, i saw myself sleeping in my room. then someone woke me up, took me by the hands, took me outside to the same point i stood the previous day in my dream and saw two men thrown down from the sky to the earth. he told me to look up to the sky. i didn’t hear any voice speak, but i could hear the words. communications were more like the voice was coming from within me, from inside my heart. I looked up to the sky, what i saw made me speechless. the sky was filled with fighter jets, some hanging there in the sky, some hovering. It seemed they were waiting for a command to attack. i could not ask the person who brought me out in the dream what the fighter jets were doing in the sky, or what the scene meant. I woke up the following morning, wearied off these two dreams. It wearied me for days. I made to write it down, procrastinated, then forgot and never did because after some days, weeks, i could longer remember the dates I had the dreams, but the dreams has ever remained in my mind, tosses up some times and stays there silently swimming in the rivers of my heart. And always , whenever it tosses up and I dwell on it, I wish I could understand their meanings, till today.

Two able-bodied men thrown down from the sky, industry pipes springing up from the earth immediately their feet touched the ground.

Fighter jets in the sky

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