What was used to treat those discharged who tested positive to the coronavirus testing?

    Today, 29th April, 2020, at 17:00hours local time, it was announced in the radio at their five o'clock news that currently in Nigeria, the total number of those confirmed to be infected with covid19 is 1532. Of the 1532 total infected with covid19, 195 are new cases which were reported from 15 states. Number of those discharged was 255, and number of those reportedly dead from the infection as at that period was 44. This is the rundown:
     number of new cases today, 29th April, 2020 = 195
     total number of those infected with covid19 = 1532
     number of those discharged = 255
     number dead = 44 
to get those currently on treatment, we subtract the number of those discharged and the number dead from the total number infected with covid19:
       1532 - 255 - 44 =  1233
in percentages, number discharged and dead are approximately and respectively 17% and 3%,, adding up to 20% of those infected. This means approximately 80% of those infected are still under treatment. Looking at the percentage discharged, 17%, it is poor though. Still, there are neccesary questions that should be asked, "what was used to treat those discharged"?
Fortunately, I was priviledged to be with a medical doctor. I asked the question "what was used to treat those discharged"? He said first of all, those that tested positive to the coronavirus and are started on treatment come in three different stages:supportive stage, mild stage and severe stage. 
Secondly, covid19 is treated symptomatically. His input made me modify my question, and now they are three:
1. what was used to treat those discharged from isolation camps or treatment centres?
2. those discharged and those dead, at what stage were they when they were discharged or when they died? were they in the supportive stage, mild stage, or severe stage?
3. those discharged, are they really free of the coronavirus?


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